Complete demo of existing structure with removal from site focusing on Green initiative for the disposal of waste material.


The removal of hazardous materials like asbestos and asbestos related products

Base Build Remodel

Returning spaces to Base Build Criteria as per specifications and requirements.

Pre-Construction Project Consulting

Working directly with ownership or designers to establish build criteria, site dimensions.

Contract Preparation

Reviewing of drawings, un-foreseen site issues, assistance on developing budget numbers and material costs.

Design Build

Working directly with ownership and or designers to develop feasible designs.  Specializing in occupied space re-design or renovation.  Using the skills and experience of the Frontline team to generate functional designs for both new, old and occupied spaces.

Permit Drawing

Gathering information and submitting required literature for the purpose of issuing and pulling of permits within the city of Edmonton or surrounding municipalities.

General Construction

Full range of construction from ground up to existing structure.  We offer all aspects of the scope. With a selection of trusted sub-contractors to meet any project needs.


We are experienced in doing all types of renovation from store front and retail space to restaurant and food services to office and warehouse. Including Occupied and functioning spaces to unoccupied and derelict spaces.

High Security Clearance

With experience working with the Government of Canada we have meet the criteria to work in High Security Areas and specialized departments.

Maintenance Contracts

Due to the aging infrastructure we have in this marketplace Frontline Contracting offers a full line of maintenance available for all aspects and areas required by the client.