Frontline Contracting is a believer in GREEN Construction and has been able to institute many GREEN principles into daily operations and is a partner with Habitat for Humanity participating with there re-use program.  Frontline Contracting has also been able to adopt a stringent recycling program which includes using the Morinville Recycling program for site garbage disposal reducing the amount of construction waste heading into the landfill system.

Onsite Frontline Contracting has made it standard practice to recycle all metal products from demolition and building processes, along with any other recyclable material.  With this type of system set up Frontline has been able to significantly reduce the amount of waste that is put into the landfill system.

Material that can be reused is separated and either donated to Habitat for Humanity or stockpiled to be used at a later date.   This has also significantly reduced the amount of waste taken offsite.

Frontline Contracting Green Initiative

Originally conceived as a green initiative that would help local Habitats repurpose and reuse building materials, today Habitat ReStores are nonprofit home improvement stores that sell new and gently used furniture, appliances, home accessories and building materials to the public. The money raised from the sale of items at the nearly 100 Habitat ReStores across Canada help local Habitats build more homes for families in need of a decent and affordable place to live. Read More On Habitat For Humanity Restore Program